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Stage 1 Water Restriction

Stage 1 Water Restrictions

Initiated by the Green Valley Special Utility District

EFFECTIVE July 14, 2020


General Manager, Pat Allen, has initiated Stage 1 Water Restrictions of the Green Valley SUD Drought Contingency Plan.   Green Valley is requiring all customers to reduce water use by 20%.


During Stage 1 Water Restrictions customers are allowed to:

Sprinkler or irrigation systems may water two days per week

BEFORE 10 a.m. and AFTER 8 p.m.

based on the last digit of the address:


Even numbers (0,2,4,6,8) – Watering days are Monday’s and Thursday’s.


Odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9) – Watering days are Tuesday’s and Friday’s



Hand held hose, bucket, drip irrigation systems and soaker hose that do not spray water in the air is permitted any time.


All customers are requested to practice water conservation and discontinue all non-essential water uses.



If conditions persist, it may be necessary to move to Stage 2 Water Restrictions.  During Stage 2 additional water restrictions will be implemented.   A list of

restrictions for all stages may be found on our website www.gvsud.org or you may request a copy from our office by calling 830-914-2330.


GVSUD will notify the local newspapers and radio stations should additional

Water Restriction Stages should be necessary