GVSUD Customer,

You will notice a new look for your bill as we have upgraded to a new billing software as of August 24, 2018.  Please note you have been assigned a new account number and a tenant number in this format:

Acct #    12345.00      Tenant #  98         Example 12345.00 98

If paying with your credit card via phone we have a new number for English 1-877-209-8440 for Spanish 1-888-626-9064.  Please have your new account and tenant number to make the payment. 

When paying online with credit card or ACH you will also need your need account and tenant number.  Example Account Number 12345.00 Tenant Number 98.   If you cannot locate the numbers on your bill, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.  

If you had a previous online profile an email was sent out to you on Tuesday, August 21st with a temporary password.  You will not need to create an account you will login with your emaill address and temporary password.

If you would like to receive your bill via e-mail please visit this link Green Valley SUD Customer Account Login to create an account.   This link can also be reached under the BILL PAYMENT Tab, Pay Your Bill Now.  When creating your account, you will need your account and tenant number.  You have the ability to view your bills, view water usage and payment history.  Other options are updating your telephone number, and email address.   If you have more than one service location they can be combined to your profile you will need the account and tenant number for each service location, along with changing the option on how you like to receive your bill via mail, email or both.

If you should have any questions, please call our office during normal business hour Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. 

Update on Scam Alert

UPDATE:  Thursday, July 23 - Scam Alert – Online Fraud!

As of this morning Green Valley Special Utility District was informed of an additional layer to the online scam involving the issuance of “checks” that appear to come from a GVSUD checking account.

A woman in Georgia answered an online ad for a personal assistant/payroll position that allowed her to work remotely.  She was then sent several blank checks which she was to fill out and distribute to employees.    After distributing eight of the checks, she received an additional 100 blank checks.


At that point, she contacted her local police and reported the situation, turning over the blank checks. 


If it sounds too good to be true, remember it generally is.

If you answer an online ad for a job that allows you to work remotely from wherever you are located and sent blank checks which appear to come from GVSUD what should you do?


Most importantly, do not cash or deposit the check.  Contact GVSUD and let them know that you received a GVSUD check.  GVSUD will forward the information you provide to the local and federal authorities investigating this fraudulent activity.

Other ways scammers have reached out to victims throughout the U.S.:

These checks have appeared throughout the U.S. and have come from scammers reaching out through a variety of online channels including:

  • Sale items on Craigslist. The scammer contacts an individual with an item listed for sale, such as a dresser, selling for $300.  The scammer sends a check via FED EX or UPS to the individual for $4,500 and the seller informs the scammer she has overpaid.  The scammer then tells the seller to send the remainder of the funds back to him via a Zelle app or Paypal.
  • A scammer invites an individual to advertise for a company via a sticker on the individual’s car or a complete wrap of their car, again overpaying the individual. The scammer sends a check via FED EX or UPS to the individual.  The scammer than asks the individual to text the scammer immediately once they mobile deposit the check, then forward the overpayment via a Zelle app or Paypal.
  • As of this morning, scammers have set up fake internet sites that allow individuals to sign up for free items from well-known brands, such as Pepsi, Fit Bit and others. Once the individual enters his email or phone number, he is contacted and sent a fraudulent check from GVSUD via FED EX or UPS.  Once again, the individual is overpaid and asked to forward the overpayment to the scammer via a Zelle app or Paypal.

In all cases, the fraudulent checks have been sent via FED EX or UPS via overnight delivery – a guaranteed RED FLAG that this is a scam!!

July 2020 COVID 19 Update

Green Valley SUD has declared Stage 1 Water Restrictions for the full report please visit

Green Valley SUD's drive through will be closing July 1st.  The plans to reopen the lobby have been postponed.  Please read the full report

Contact the office with any questions or concerns 830-914.2330 or at