Santa Clara Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant & Collections System Phase I

Project Background

Installation of a 250,000 gallon per day wastewater treatment plant, 24-inch to 42-inch gravity collection system, lift station, associated site improvements, office, lab and site security to meet TCEQ regulations. The project is scheduled to be ready to receive flow in April of 2021. 

 CID 01: Construction Complete

                                                                CID 02: In construction, 37% complete

                                                                CID 03: In construction, 30% complete

                                                                CID 04: In design, 95% complete

                                                                CID 05: In design, 60% complete

Project Summary

All easements have been acquired for CID 01 through 04. Easement acquisition for CID 05 is currently underway. Bidding is scheduled for early summer 2021 for CID 05. 

Construction Cost Estimate: $19,598,500

Awarded Contract:                  CID 01 Bolton Road $1,096,112.97

                                                CID 02 WWTP Site Work and Collection System $10,555,909.56

                                                CID 03 Wastewater Treatment Plant $1,887,500

                                                CID 04 Office and Lab at WWTP – In design, estimated at $1,053,398.50

                                                CID 05 Phase IB Collection System – In design, estimated at $4,234,000.00