FM 1103 Water Relocation Phase I

FM 1103 Water Relocation Project showing water lines in the ground
FM 1103 Water Relocation Project Showing Road Bore.

Project Background

This project is in response to the upcoming widening of FM 1103. Green Valley Special Utility District staff are working with TxDOT to identify conflicting lines and relocate as necessary. TxDOT funds the relocation of eligible waterlines due to the roadway's construction, but any upsizing of lines is the responsibility of GVSUD.

Project Status

Phase I – Pipeline construction is near completion. The contractor continues to work on bores across FM 1103. After completing the connection of existing lines, the contractor will begin removing the existing piping from TxDOT right-of-way and connecting services to the new line. 

Phase II – Easement acquisition continues. One easement remains before construction.

Phase I Construction Cost Estimate: $1,145,124.00

Phase I Awarded Contract: $1,145,124.00

Phase II Construction Cost Estimate: $1,072,000.00

Phase II Awarded Contract: Not awarded at this time